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Whether you are just starting out or looking for more depth and intimacy in your relationship, we can help.


We're a team of professionals who are specially trained in providing professional counseling and coaching for couples and families. We offer a wide range of services, from fast-track premarital counseling packages, to couples retreats, marriage interventions, and more.


We're a very solution-focused team and will help you quickly identify positive steps you can explore to strengthen and solidify your relationship. We also understand that deeper and more satisfying changes may take an investment of time, patience, and commitment. That's why we offer reduced fees for continued services when a couple makes an initial commitment and the investment in our work.


For more information, please see our Services page or call us today at 404-721-7409.




The New Couples Services for Atlanta!

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Please note: if your relationship is in crisis, please let us know. We can often work couples in over lunch or will stay later into the evening to help get you started.



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