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Our Recipe: 

Consult. Observe. Understand. Plan. Learn. Explore.


Consult: An initial 20-30 minute meeting helps you understand our approach and if it might work for you. There is no charge and no obligation but we know that 90% of our initial clients find this helpful and commit to moving forward.

How do we work?


Observe: While we understand that each couple brings unique concerns, we strive to make the best use of time while limiting costs. With that in mind, we customarily use assessments to help us identify possible strengths and concerns in the relationship.

What happens?

Understand & Plan: After we have met, we will provide a description of how we would propose to work together. For pre-marital counseling, we meet 4-6 times. For relationship coaching or crisis interventions, we propose a plan to work through the initial concerns following the second meeting.


What can we expect?


Explore & Learn: Together, we will decide what areas to explore - strengthening communication skills; resolving conflicts; exploring family of origin issues; discussing attitude towards financial planning and budgeting; (re)balancing the relationship; creating individual, couple, and family goals.

How long will this take?


We care deeply about helping both individuals and couples explore the most meaningful and saitsfying life possible! We therefore promise that we will offer you our best energy and efforts and that we will provide useful information and interventions.

Are there any guarantees?



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