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Prepare. Enrich. Resolve:

Programs at Rock Springs

We offer a positive, affirming, and collaborative approach to working through questions about life and relationships! Our standard fee for a 50 minute individual session is $179 (US) amd standard fee for couple's (70-80 minute) sessions is $224. Assessments and materials have a separate costs. To help make couples services more affordable, we also offer discounted packages.

Preparing for Commitment.
Premarital Counseling.

Are you considering taking the next step in your relationship, but want to understand more about one another? Perhaps you are looking for "pre-marital counseling" or consultation about a commitment ceremony? We will work with you to develop a better understanding of your future relationship. Read below for fees.

Crisis Intervention

Any individual in a relationship may experience a crisis, whether it is one of a loss of a partner, issues of fidelity, a viloation of trust, or other significant and unresolved concerns. We can meet with you to help you develop an approach that is customized for your situation.


While we hope we can work with the couple together, we often will start with whichever partner will meet and then move forward from there. Oftentimes, however, we will first visit meet with each individual, with both person having his or her own personal coach or therapist: then we will meet together as a team to work through the crisis.


We've been doing this work for years and hope you will take the time to connect with us to see how we can help.

Enrichment Programs & Services

Any relationship may find itself in a place that feels stalled, where the original closeness has dissolved, leaving both individuals wanting more from their relationship. We have programs designed for couples and individuals that have been shown to be of help. Read below for fees.


Would you take a moment to email your question about our Enrichment Programs? We'd love to hear from you!


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All packages come with a discount on continued optional sessions ($94)

For dating couples exploring a deeper relationship, we offer our 

Discovery Service: ...........................$325

-Three 50-min meetings to help with  exploring a deeper and more caring relationship. (a $480 value)


For couples moving towards a committed relationship or in need of pre-marital counseling, we offer three alternatives: 


(1) Basic Pre-Commitment Service: 


-Three 50-min meetings to help couples begin planning for their future.  (A $480 value).


(2) Sure Beginnings Package:..........$445

-Three 70-80 min meetings with an interpretation of Online Assessment.

(A $654 value.)

(3) Fast Start Package:...................... $575

- An Initial evening Consultation

- Extended Session Saturday Morning 

     (11 AM-1:30 PM) with interpretation of Online Assessment (includes lunch)









Pre-commitment &
Pre-marital Services

All packages come with a discount on continued optional sessions ($94)

Enrichment Programs


For couples seeking deeper intimacy and understanding in their life together

Enhancement Package:................ $645

Four 70-80 min meetings with an  

interpretation of Online Assessment.


Quick Renewal ............................... $749

- Initial evening Consultation

- Extended Saturday Morning Session

          (11 AM-1:30 PM)

-Two follow-up sessions
-Interpretation of Online Assessment





Affordable Retreat Weekends

Contact us for schedule

Crisis Interventions






For families & couples in conflict or turmoil

This service is customized depending on the nature of the crisis. For more information, please contact us.



All packages come with a discount on continued optional sessions ($94)

T:  404-721-7409

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